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Our Mission

The Partnership for Better Health champions and invests in ideas, initiatives and collaborations that improve the health of the people and communities in our region.

Guiding Principles


We seek to eliminate health disparities and amplify the voices of those that are not always heard to ensure that all people have the chance to enjoy healthy lives.


We advocate for the common good and work to effect change in the institutions, policies, and practices that influence health decisions and outcomes in our communities.


We cultivate genuine partnerships among networks of organizations, service providers, supporters, and the people in our communities to leverage diverse perspectives, resources, and opportunities.


We are strategic and transparent with the use of our resources, holding ourselves and our partners accountable for achieving the greatest possible health impacts.


We take risks in the pursuit of new ideas and view these efforts as opportunities for learning and improvement.


We continually seek, through research, data and community engagement, unbiased and novel solutions that are more effective, efficient, just and sustainable than current practices, and that will translate into a healthier community for everyone.


The Partnership for Better Health will serve as a catalyst, advocate and collaborator to establish health as a shared priority and to ensure that everyone has what they need for good health, making our communities among the healthiest in the nation.

Our Strategy

The Strategic Plan for 2016 – 2019 will guide our efforts to improve the health of our communities. The Partnership for Better Health identified four strategic goals with the input of our community that will direct our efforts and investments.

I. Health Framework

Update the Partnership for Better Health’s grantmaking and non-grantmaking approaches and activities to align all efforts with a consistent framework focused on three areas:
1.    Build healthy communities
2.    Ensure access for all
3.    Strengthen health capacities

II. Advocacy

Engage in advocacy to make health a shared priority in our communities.

III. Learning

Build a learning culture in the Partnership for Better Health and its partners to enhance future strategies and efforts.

IV. Organizational Sustainability

Invest in the organization to maintain its strength.