Match Madness – A High Impact Community Campaign

Since its inception in 2016, Match Madness has raised over $3 million dollars to support small and mid-sized nonprofits with flexible operating funds. Beginning in 2016, 15 organizations raised $116,790, with a $50,000 match. By 2022, 45 organizations participated and raised over $768,000, with a match of $150,000.

Most of our grantees have limited staff and volunteers who wear multiple hats. Match Madness is designed to help small nonprofits build their fundraising capacity and strengthen their financial stability, by engaging more donors to benefit their organizations. As more agencies and donors participate in this collective giving program, we seek to offer additional matching funds.

Nonprofits with budgets of less than $5 million that received grants from the Partnership within the past two fiscal years are eligible to participate in the campaign. Through Match Madness, we offer foundation funds to match gifts made by individual donors during the month-long public fundraising effort. Following the completion of the campaign, each participating organization receives a lump sum payment of their donors’ contributions, plus a proportion of the matching fund. The Partnership for Better Health pays for all campaign related expenses (e.g., advertising, event food, online fees, back office processing – acknowledgement letters and postage).