New Grants to Advance Health Equity through Collaboration

As a community foundation, the Partnership for Better Health strives to serve as a catalyst, advocate, and collaborator to establish health as a shared priority, toward ensuring that everyone has what they need for good health. Four grants of up to $15,000 each are available to community groups that forge strategic partnerships with new organizations and local residents to address the issues of access to affordable health care, affordable quality housing, food security, and/or transportation. Proposals should demonstrate a deep commitment to engaging and building upon the experiences and leadership capacities of local residents, who have lived experiences within the project’s selected focus area. Projects should go beyond the engagement of traditional stakeholders, to mobilize the vision and capacities of residents at the grassroots level, who have the greatest understanding of the current challenges and the most to gain from innovative new solutions. Proposals are due by February 2, 2023.

Please see the complete Request for Applications for additional details or visit our Grants page to apply!