Adults who are in the prime of their careers spend nine hours a day at work. Research shows that healthy employees contribute to stronger workplaces, families and communities — and reduce the costs of health care. For these reasons, we are deeply committed to promoting good health through area workplaces.

In 2008, we launched our signature Wellness@Work initiative in partnership with leading large employers. Wellness@Work provides workplaces with structured support and funds to incentivize employees in improving nutrition, physical activity and tobacco cessation through an array of program activities, policy development and environmental changes. Currently, we’re engaging up to 20 workplaces in the initiative each year and place emphasis on low-wage employees and small employers.

Workplace culture is critical to changing our wellness norms and values in the community, and Wellness@Work is a platform designed to advance these goals.

Matching grant awards of up to $1,000 are available to support local employers that agree to launch simple activities within their workplaces or through a remote platform that will help employees be more productive, be engaged and live longer.

To learn more, contact Gail Witwer, Director of Health Promotion, [email protected].