General Operating Grants for Organizations Leading in Equity Work

Goal: Provide flexible funds that can be used by organizations at their discretion. These grants are available to organizations working on the foundation’s priorities of deeply addressing health equity and the root causes of poor health among an underserved or marginalized population. Organizations funded by these grants are prioritizing going beyond meeting basic emergency needs of people today, to be leading transformational work that builds a brighter tomorrow.

  • Grant size: $10,000 – $50,000/year
  • Duration: One-year grants for first-time applicants; successful applicants are eligible, after their first-year grant, to apply for multi-year grants (2-3 years).
  • Additional Eligibility:
    • Organization maintains standards for nonprofit governance, finance, public disclosure, and programming.
    • Have at least one year of stable leadership:
      • Have an executive director or staff person in an equivalent leadership role that has been in place for at least 12 months.
      • If the organization is undergoing a leadership transition, must demonstrate that there is a board-led transition plan that includes a defined strategy for interim leadership.
    • Have received a grant from the Partnership within the last three years.
    • Fiscal sponsors are not eligible.
    • Cannot use the EIN of a larger organization, and must provide a 990, 990 EZ, or 990-N reflective of their own entity.
    • Organizations with an annual budget of more than $15 million are not eligible.

What is the impact that the Partnership wants to support? Grantee has one or more of the following outcomes through this flexible funding:

  • Increased ability to leverage funding for additional program funding.
  • Expanded capacity for services and/or reach more people.
  • Stronger staff, volunteers, and/or neighborhood capacity to deliver on missional goals.
  • Centering people with lived experience in leadership roles.
  • Improved program quality.
  • Positioned for expanded field leadership role.

Our electronic grants management system will prompt you through the application process. Click here for a preview of the application questions.

Application Checklist

  • Project Name
  • Renewal (Yes/No) and if Renewal, Duration of Request (1 year or 2 years)
  • Amount Requested
  • Geographic Area
  • Organizational Background
  • Leadership and Management
  • Evaluating and Measuring Progress
  • Financial Information:
    • Organization Operational Budget information
  • Financial Review:
    • An Audit Report or most recent 990 or 990-N, Current Statement of Financial Position (also called a Balance Sheet), and Current Statement of Activities (also called a Profit-and-Loss Statement)
  • Current signed and dated W-9